hair treatments

All color is processed with a steamer that incorporates oxygen to reduce the wait time as well as keep fumes away from the client. No perms or other treatments with odors are done in the salon. We do everything possible to try and preserve a non-toxic environment.

Hair Cuts 50+
Color 75+
Highlights 100+
Conditioning Treatment 50

lash extensions

Full set 150 (fill 50)
Half set 80 (fill 35)
Lash Extension Removal 25

skin treatments

Regular Glycolic Treatments improve the overall texture and appearance of your skin, tightening pores,improving elasticity, and giving your skin a healthy radiant glow. Regular Glycolic treatments may also be used to treat acne.

Mona Lisa's Glycolic treatments include a facial massage using essential oils, a mask, toner,moisturizer,and eye cream.

Glycolic Skin Treatment 40